Eliminate Snoring With An Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

antisnoringmpSnoring is the result of some type of blockage in the airway that obstructs air flow causing the respiratory structures of the throat to vibrate abnormally during sleep. As you fall asleep and your muscles relax, the muscles of your mouth relax as well and sometimes allow the tongue to fall back into the throat and block the airway. With the tongue blocking the flow of air, abnormal vibrations occur in the throat and cause snoring, a result of poor air intake. Relief from snoring is critical for restorative rest, which is a factor in your overall health. Elimination of snoring can reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity so finding a method to maintain an open airway throughout the night is necessary for your well-being. However, because snoring results from airway blockage either due to an obstruction in the nasal passage or the tongue the cause of an individual’s snoring must be determined first.

Of all of the remedies available to consumers, mouthpieces are the most effective device in eliminating habitual snoring. When snoring is a symptom of a sickness or allergies, temporary solutions, like nasal strips, are generally effective and a mouthpiece may not be. When the blockage occurs in the nose, the airway must be opened in the nasal passage rather than the throat. However, when snoring is caused by an obstructed airway more permanent measures must be taken to ensure the sufferers can get a peaceful night’s sleep.
There are two designs when it comes to anti-snoring mouthpieces, Mandibular Advancement Devices (or Mandibular Repositioning Device) and Tongue Stabilizing Devices (or Tongue Retaining Devices). Both options work to keep the tongue from falling back into the air way in order to keep the air passage clear. MADs reposition the lower jaw, advancing it forward to tighten the muscles in the back of the mouth. By doing this, the tongue is kept away from the throat and allows free air flow. TSDs function by retaining the tongue with a strip at the back of the mouth guard. It lays across the back of the tongue and eliminates the possibility of it blocking the airway to allow free air flow as well.

The top-rated anti-snoring device, according to this popular snoring mouthpiece authority, is undoubtedly the ZQuiet mouthpiece as it boasts to be the world’s number one stop snoring device. ZQuiet is a mouthpiece that was recently introduced combines the design of both MADs and TSDs and is highly customer rated. With the ZQuiet device, the tongue is held in place by a strip at the back of the device that actively stops the tongue from falling back into the airway. Simultaneously, the jaw is advanced forward, tightening the muscles in the back of the mouth and throat in order to prevent the tongue from moving underneath the band. Because it utilizes the technology of both existing anti-snoring mouthpieces, the company guarantees the complete and immediately elimination of snoring, and will refund your money after 30 days. Like many other MAD and TSD mouthpieces, the ZQuiet uses the “boil and bite method” to custom fit the mouth guard to each individual’s mouth and ensure comfort. The cost of this device is under $90.00 for a year of usage.

Aside from ZQuiet, SnoreRX is the customer top-rated MAD. It is the most adjustable MAD available, equipped with MicroFit technology that allows the user to make adjustments by 1mm. The Calibrator clearly displays the level of jaw advancement and can be locked into place or reset at any time. This device is more expensive than ZQuiet between $99.00 and $129.00 and is rated satisfactory by 90% of customers.

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