It’s Getting Hot In Canada

We all know that weather phenomena differ in various parts of the globe. It can be warm and sunny in one part of the planet and then totally cold and gloomy in another. This weather diversity actually gives more color to our lives but it can be a burden at times too especially with extreme weather conditions. And with climate change in the equation, it has drastically worsened weather systems and made it doubly harder for us to cope. It’s why Green activists encourage everyone to take an active part in environmental conservation efforts because it’s us humans who still suffer from nature’s wrath over time.

Winter has come and gone and spring is almost over too but weather experts are already warning Canadians to brace for the heat of summer. While the cold of winter isn’t something to look forward too, the same can be said for the intense summer heat. You’d be sweating in body parts you’ve never thought can sweat before. It will certainly drive up electric costs as air conditioning would likely be running 24/7 to help you cool off and beat the summer heat. The question now is whether Canadians ready for the heat wave that is set to welcome the summer season in Canada?

It may still be spring, but Environment Canada is warning people around the national capital region to prepare for decidedly summery weather over the coming days.

Temperatures in Ottawa-Gatineau are

Ivory Smuggling In Africa

Without a doubt, Africa is one of the richest continents on the planet. There are plants and animal species that can’t be see anywhere else. Have you seen an African savannah? Seeing wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat can leave anyone in awe. That’s how nature designed these animals to live – not in cages or zoos for the pleasure of mankind. Africa is the perfect home for them with its rich biodiversity that supports the life of many of these wild animals.

But again, man and progress got into the equation. Greed can make people do lots of stupid and reckless things – among these are poaching. In itself, poaching is already damaging because you destroy the natural balance in the wild. Most ecosystems live with their own sense of check-and-balance where the disappearance of a certain predator or prey can mess up this balance and ultimately change the landscape. Elephants, despite their mammoth size, aren’t safe from poachers and the reason is pretty obvious.

Seven smugglers involved in the illegal ivory trade from Uganda to Singapore have been arrested following an 18-month investigation by African and Asian law enforcement officials, a counter-trafficking organization said.

The operation netted a top Kenyan customs officer and shipping agents who facilitated the covert ivory pipeline, highlighting progress in Africa on cross-border collaboration by law enforcement agencies, according to Freeland, the anti-trafficking organization that supported the operation.

Tens of thousands of

Law Enforcement Vs. Terrorism

Nobody can really tell when the next terror attack will happen next. Terrorists often strike in big cities but there are a few isolated incidents where they don’t. Well, who knows what these radical extremists have in mind. And because of that, we always have to be on our toes to make sure we are always out of harm’s way. Since the public can’t always protect themselves from these twisted people, law enforcers must step in to safeguard the rights of the people and prevent terrorists from further terrorizing them.

Security forces and law enforcement are on heightened alert because terror attacks are happening more frequently now in various places all over the globe. Many people have lost their lives especially on earlier attacks where law enforcement officers weren’t that trained yet to handle such attacks with massive casualties. But things have changed now and law enforcers are doubling their efforts in training their troops on how to act on these attacks without neglecting their daily domestic responsibilities.

After terror attacks in London, Manchester and the Melbourne suburb of Brighton national security was a key issue at last Friday’s Council of Australian Governments meeting in Hobart.

The states and territories agreed to strengthen their laws to ensure that there’ll be a presumption that neither bail nor parole will be granted to those who have demonstrated support for or have links to terrorist activity. “Violent criminals with terrorist links should not

Get Legally High In Vegas

There are many cool things you can do in Las Vegas, Nevada most of which have to deal with the high-rolling casino, taboo vices, and getting married with no fuss at all. It is a favorite tourist hotspot for travelers who don’t mind getting tipsy (or drunk) all the time and go home broken after a night or two of gambling. You are in “Sin City” after all. You can get away with almost everything and the use of recreational marijuana has been added to the list of taboo activities travelers can now do in the state. Well, the use of medical marijuana has long since been legal in Nevada and there are even medical dispensaries in the state where one can get their weed fix for health reasons especially if you are above 21 years old.

Even though marijuana is now legal in Nevada, you can’t expect to smoke weed in broad daylight and not get caught. While Vegas tolerates various vices and have looser restrictions unlike other US states, they enforce certain rules and zoning regulations that may even be stricter than that of other nearby states. You can’t actually see any marijuana dispensary anywhere near the strip. They’re pretty serious as well in preventing casino investors from investing in marijuana too. They just won’t allow you to have the best of both worlds and it’s probably for the best of everyone.

This weekend, the first recreational

Mother Nature Suffers With Trump In The Lead

Our world is such in a bad state now. There are pollution and signs of progress wherever you look. People have little regards on their effects to the environment and only a handful speak up to protect nature and everyone else living in it. The funny thing is that we are one of the first to suffer when natural disaster strikes. Climate change is already a reality in our times that it has intensified natural weather phenomenon like hurricanes, flooding, global warming etc. and resulted to the death of many as well as destruction of properties.

Then, there are individuals who are expected to lead their countries and even include environmental protection in the policies they make and push for. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t one of them. Just recently, he signed out of the Paris Climate Agreement joining Syria and Nicaragua. All the rest respect and uphold the agreement in order to protect what’s left of the environment but Trump thinks climate change is a hoax, so it’s no wonder that his personal biases led to this historic moment in American history that even North Korea slams him for doing so.

North Korea has condemned US President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, describing the decision as “the height of egotism” and an example of the “moral vacuum” in the US leadership.

“Global warming is one of the gravest challenges that humankind is facing today”, a Foreign

How To Monetize Your Travel Blog

The web is littered with blogs and more blogs these days. Whenever you surf, you’ll come across various contents (sponsored or not) scattered all over social media or all corners of the web. What started as a hobby, most blogs have evolved to become money-making machines and a lucrative career for those gifted enough with the knack for writing and creating engaging content. It is a great source of income that you actually like doing. It’s not like you are exerting physical effort in making these blogs, but of course, you have to make sure you know what you are doing if you plan of milking money from your hobby.

One of the most popular types of blogs these days is a travel blog. At a time when chaos seems to hit certain parts of the world and the threat of terror attacks are just around the corner, there is still a strong sense of wanderlust that many people actually do pack their bags and explore every nooks and crannies of the world. And with the popularity of the Internet, budget travels are now a reality. Fortunately, you don’t have to go bankrupt just to check all those far-off places off your bucket list.

The idea of “quitting your job and traveling the world” is not as easy as it sounds. My advice is to be practical and think strategically. For most people, it’s not realistic to amass $30,000 in

Women Tech Genius: Males No Longer Dominate This Industry

When you think of tech-obsessed geeks, you’d often picture out geeky males wearing big glasses hunched over a computer. But as of late, more and more women are showing interest in everything tech-related. Well, you can’t blame them when your surroundings are full of technology – just think of smartphones and social media. Tech means fun these days, so it’s hard to resist getting engrossed with one technology after the other no matter your gender. Males aren’t the geeky nerds anymore because women can be just as good as men when it comes to dabbling with all things techie.

Women are actually more empowered now in various aspects of technology. With the demand for computer professionals, it makes perfect sense for women to consider a career in this field aside from the competitive pay, of course. Gender roles are no longer that big of a factor when it comes to succeeding as a tech professional that even women can build start ups and succeed in it with the right tools in hand. Of course, it has to deal with computers more often than not.

Is tech a boys-only club? So it seems. But the light of smart and powerful women is finally shining bright. We root for excellence and justice and, above all, we want meritocracy to win. This is our way of giving women in tech a shout-out.

A research study by The National Center for Women

Corruption Is To Blame For The Widespread Poverty In Africa

If only all things were created equal, many won’t have to suffer anymore from typical issues like poverty, unequal school and work opportunities, and access to healthcare while some (the elite) spend money on luxuries regardless of the price tag. If there is one place here on Earth that epitomizes the face of poverty, that would have to be Africa. How many times have you heard/ reprimanded to finish your meal because there are millions of Africans suffering from hunger. It’s true that Africa is one of the poorest places in the planet despite being rich in natural resources.

The truth is corruption is usually the cause for poverty in any nation. Public funds that are supposedly intended for the delivery of basic services go into the pockets of corrupt leaders who are only after of what they can gain from public office. Public service means little to them and they don’t care that thousands die from starvation or that famine is spreading in many places in Africa because the government has no funds to provide for them.

Natural and man-made disasters, armed conflicts, widespread corruption and deep social inequalities have been so far a dramatic source for most news coverage when it comes to Africa, the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent on Earth, which hosts 54 states spreading over 30 million square kilometres that are home to over 1.2 billion people.

Nevertheless, an often neglected fact is that this

Issues On Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana used to be a taboo topic but not anymore. Several US states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana and it has been the topic of debates for quite some time now especially in the Congress. Of course, there are people who are pro and against the use of marijuana and they have their reasons for it. Yet despite the continued opposition by many people both prominent or not, the continued legalization of marijuana in various places outside the US gains momentum and quite a fan base too.

Mexico is one of those countries that finally succumbed to the charms of cannabis. There are experts who claim the many health wonders offered by medical cannabis where most conventional drugs have failed in the treatment of various chronic diseases and conditions. In essence, medical marijuana is virtually the same as plain old marijuana that many medical experts suggest is helpful in managing pain and in treating glaucoma, epilepsy, and even cancer.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a decree this week legalizing medical marijuana. The measure also classified the psychoactive ingredient in the drug as “therapeutic.”

The new policy isn’t exactly opening the door for medical marijuana dispensaries on every corner.

Instead it calls on the Ministry of Health to draft and implement regulations and public policies regulating “the medicinal use of pharmacological derivatives of cannabis sativa, indica and Americana or marijuana, including tetrahydrocannabinol.” It also tasks

Local Communities Remain Vigilant Amidst Threats Of Terrorism

Terror attacks are all over the news now. There are increased terror activities all over the world that ordinary citizens are scared for their lives especially when out and about. You are no longer safe even if you are in the US, UK, Middle East, Asia or virtually anywhere on the planet. However, it does not mean that you should stop living in the moment because you are afraid that something bad may happen at any time. We can never tell when a terrorist will strike because who knows what is going on in their minds. Theirs are so twisted that they have become out of touch with humanity and a danger to the rest of mankind.

Staying vigilant is all you can do to protect yourself from these terrorists. Even local governments are on high alert to secure the safety and security of everyone and to discourage terrorists from carrying out their evil plans. Not only should we be all wary about actual attacks from terrorists but even those religious fanatics who are influenced by the brazen acts of terror carried out by these extremists that cause more chaos and confusion to the public. It’s now common to see more police officials going around the streets these days and even security officials in various establishments carrying out rigorous checks when entering these places. Eternal vigilance is the most we can all do to fight them back and show that …