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Issues On Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana used to be a taboo topic but not anymore. Several US states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana and it has been the topic of debates for quite some time now especially in the Congress. Of course, there are people who are pro and against the use of marijuana and they have their reasons for it. Yet despite the continued opposition by many people both prominent or not, the continued legalization of marijuana in various places outside the US gains momentum and quite a fan base too.

Mexico is one of those countries that finally succumbed to the charms of cannabis. There are experts who claim the many health wonders offered by medical cannabis where most conventional drugs have failed in the treatment of various chronic diseases and conditions. In essence, medical marijuana is virtually …

Eureka: First To Manufacture Cannabis With A License

Smoking marijuana or weed is still considered a taboo in many places all over the world. Some people (especially the older ones) raise their eyebrows whenever they hear people talking about cannabis casually. But times have changed a lot and recreational marijuana is now considered legal in many US states and in several Canadian provinces. Smoke shops and head shops have been seeing increasing sales, particularly when it comes to bongs and glass pipes. With an increasing demand for herb (whether for medical use or recreational only), the looming issue now is if the marijuana industry can meet the people’s demand.

In response to the growing demand, weed growers are now likewise growing in numbers and the first cannabis manufacturing plant to be granted a license is found in Eureka, California. Quality is still of utmost importance, so getting …