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Local Communities Remain Vigilant Amidst Threats Of Terrorism

Terror attacks are all over the news now. There are increased terror activities all over the world that ordinary citizens are scared for their lives especially when out and about. You are no longer safe even if you are in the US, UK, Middle East, Asia or virtually anywhere on the planet. However, it does not mean that you should stop living in the moment because you are afraid that something bad may happen at any time. We can never tell when a terrorist will strike because who knows what is going on in their minds. Theirs are so twisted that they have become out of touch with humanity and a danger to the rest of mankind.

Staying vigilant is all you can do to protect yourself from these terrorists. Even local governments are on high alert to secure the …

Can Your Religion Save You?

We often mistake religion for faith and vice versa. Is there really a difference between the two? How can you tell your religion is your saving grace when you can’t even tolerate other people’s differences? Religion has sparked many controversies and wars over the centuries. Thousands, if not millions, have died in the name of the religions they professed. But what really is all the fuss with religion? Can it really save you from all your sins and guarantee your place in heaven? But then again, not all religions do believe in heaven. There are so many conflicting beliefs, indeed. No wonder people would die and kill for their religious beliefs.

More often than not, you believe in a superior being regardless of your religion unless you’re an atheist, of course. You have this perception that your religion is also …