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Is Your Skin Ready For Summer?

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is also the first barrier to microorganisms that cause infection. Any break or tear in the skin can introduce bacteria inside the body that may or may not always lead to sickness. Aside from that crucial function of being the body’s first-line of defense, the skin serves an aesthetic purpose too. After all, we see with our eyes and you can easily pass judgment on another person based on what you see on the outside. While beauty may be subjective and is in the eyes of beholder, a healthy-looking and supple skin is hard to achieve in a largely polluted world.

As the weather heats up and summer is fast approaching, people wear less items of clothing to beat the heat. As a result, you end up baring more skin than you are used too. You may have no care in the world about what your skin looked like when it’s all cold outside and you are wrapped from head to toe but it is a different story during summer time when wearing less is more. The question now is this, is your skin ready to welcome the summer season or does it need more pampering than what you are currently giving it now?

Choose the right sun protection

Whenever possible, use hats, sunglasses and light-weight clothing to keep skin covered and out of direct sunlight and its UV rays.