Doctor Makes A Miracle

doctormakemIt is one of life’s supreme ironies that when Katherine Gross-Williams needed to cry the most, her tear ducts wouldn’t allow it.

The year was 1975 and Gross-Williams–then a 27-year-old newlywed–was six months away from becoming a doctor, one of only five African-Americans in a class of 177 students at Northwestern University Medical School.

After clearing some daunting hurdles, she had her eye on the prize: a residency in anesthesiology. “Success was so close I could almost taste it,” she says now. Then, Gross-Williams was struck by a mysterious ailment that started as a rash and escalated into a 106-degree fever. Six days after it began, she learned she had Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare illness that had caused lesions to form on her corneas–destroying her tear ducts and robbing her of her vision.

As a black woman in medicine, she …

Home Businesses Can Be Winners

hbcbwThinking of starting a business at home? You’ll find out fast that making money is your second-biggest challenge. The first is learning how to run a professional operation that customers and clients respect.

I learned the hard way. I remember the day I was interviewing a prominent financier by phone when tile puppy I’d stupidly parked in my office suddenly, loudly, had to go out. And the time I was running errands and my 6-year-old took my business calls. (Even worse, he didn’t tell me about them.) A lot of women start a home business so they can be with their children. But many discover they need some form of child care, just as office workers do.

As for setting up the financial side of your home-based business, finding a good accountant is a must. You need to know how …

Jackie Robinson: A True Legend

jakierobinsonOn April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson, wearing his brand-new Brooklyn Dodgers uniform, walked onto Ebbets Field and changed the face of baseball forever. As the first African-American ballplayer signed to a major league team, he was breaking a color barrier that had existed for many decades.

From the start, Jack Roosevelt Robinson was subjected to unrelenting hostility from both fans and teammates. But he honored the contract he had signed with manager Branch Rickey and ignored it all. After a dazzling first season, he was named Rookie of the Year and for, the next decade, he enjoyed a stellar career while waging a continual battle against racism.

Right beside him all the way was his wife, Rachel, the love of his life, who raised their three children in the hot glare of publicity and during some of the most turbulent …